Develop your presence on Facebook

Our Facebook solution allows you to develop an effective presence on the ubiquitous social networking site. We design winning strategies for your brand, implement applications that help you measure and maximize your return on investment. Finally, we propose a dedicated backoffice to ensure effective leadership and moderation of your Facebook page.

For who?

This offer is designed for brands wishing to expand their visibility on Facebook, minimize fan acquisition costs and clearly measure their return on investment.

The aim is also to reduce content creation workload with specialized applications.

We also offer strategic support to define the appropriate editorial strategy, monitoring of campaign advertisements and support for community management.

What are its advantages?

The advantages of our Facebook solution

  • Dashboard with an overview of key statistics for an accurate measurement of return on investment;
  • Backoffice for administration and moderation (scheduled publishing, e-mail alert for moderation ...);
  • Quizzes applications quizzes, contests, photo editing and support / feedback;
  • Highly customizable applications to fit closer to the expectations of your audience;
  • Opportunity to develop new custom applications if required.

Some examples

Virgin Megastore

Live event streaming

Fédération International Automobile

Quiz and photo editing

Oney Banque Accor